Here is my dog with the Easter bear, how cute!

Easter is just round the corner & the shops are beginning¬† to stock all kinds of yummy Chocolate. Typically when I’ve just got my healthy regime sorted out. It really doesn’t seem fair in this day & age that Cadbury hasn’t invented a healthy milk chocolate bar that’s good for you, other than their dark chocolate which to me is pretty disgusting & however much I try to like it, it’s still disgusting.(sorry)¬† Anyway I figured if I went on a liquid diet for a couple of days before Easter. I could eat a couple of CADBURYS Chocolate eggs & need not feel bad about it. I have put CADBURYS in capitals, just if my husband looks at my blog, can clearly see which brand I like, not the ones he likes. There has been many occasions when a box he has brought me was only the ones he likes… mmm, funny that.


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