What glorious weather we’re having. I would be happy for some rain to fill the tanks & water the garden, but for now it’s lovely to get up in the morning, with the sun shining. Ready for the day to begin.

At the moment we are still busy planting around the Cottages & generally tidying up, which is slow going but very rewarding & quite addictive. The trouble I have though, is digging holes ready for the plants, then filling them back in, as I have changed my mind where they should go. Some plants I’ve up rooted on so many occasions, I’m surprised there still alive. We have been spending the weekends trailing the markets, looking for more plants, then working out where they are going to go, when we get back.

I’m getting to be like a kid in a candy store, excited looking at the next plant we can purchase, then waiting patiently hoping first if it will survive & then if it will look just as spectacular as the picture on the pot(am I finally going mad!). I never thought before plants were that exciting & certainly couldn’t see why people would want to waste their day’s in the garden. I can only put it down to me “getting older”. I just hope I don’t start forgetting where I put my plants once I’ve put them in!.

Happy gardening everyone.


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