Well, the weather has gone from one extreme to another, hot, humid & not at all nice to work or be in. To a lovely cooler climate with much needed rain. I never thought I would be so pleased to see rain(especially coming from the UK, where it always rains.)

It is truly a lovely site seeing your plants & grass that were half dead, suddenly looking amazing & so green. When all it took was a drop of rain for the color to come back to everything. I’m sure even the cow’s are looking exceptionally colorful.

The hot weather never seemed to change. I was even feeling quite sorry for the cow’s  when it was so hot, I’m sure their happy for the cooler change & for more grass to eat. Lucky I don’t have any cow’s, I know if I did, I would be fussing over them, setting fan’s up or getting hubby to make a barn with Air Conditioning in it. (probably that’s why he won’t let me have any.)

Now, I have been very busy working in the office which is extremely boring & not at all fun, so hubby is free to work, building the posts by the main entrance & finishing the first posts to Calm which eventually will take gates & form the entrance’s to each Cottage Garden. It has been slow but hopefully if the weather remains cool & I can keep the tea & coffee on tap. We will start seeing some changes which will look absolutely amazing when finished.



Taken this picture when it was cooler weather

Had to take a picture of this cute little calf.

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