A couple of years ago we decided to purchase several chicken which at first I was reluctant to do, only because I knew I was going to be the one looking after them. When we eventually brought some chicken, the Children were super excited & decided to give each one a name. Weeks went into months & they had became much loved family pets. Terry & I did want them to run around freely but it would come at a cost, as so many were killed by foxes. So after 2 years of having them, we decided it wasn’t fair to buy anymore & the one chicken we had left,(Harriet) we decided to try & find a new home for.  We wanted someone who already had chickens, so Harriet wouldn’t be lonely. Luckily my good friend Karen was happy to take Harriet which was great. I knew she already had chickens, ducks and a lovely Golden Lab called Alffie, who was an outside dog & the most good natured, soppy dog I’d ever met. The chickens & ducks playfully peck poor Alfie & have their own little game with him, but Alfie doesn’t seem bothered at all. Although we were upset (especially me),to let Harriet go, we knew it was the best thing to do. I think that was two years ago.  Now when I pop round my friends house, for a coffee & a chat, Harriet looks very Happy (for a chicken,)walking round foraging for more food. Karen normally fills me in on how Harriet is & if she done anything funny which makes me happy to hear. Harriet, out of all the chicken I have had, was the most amusing to watch. Many times she would lay her eggs in the laundry sink, then make such a racket for us to get her out. She loved her food & if I gave the chickens a special treat she was the first in line & there she would stay, until she got more food. The other chickens did get the food but Harriet wasn’t happy about it. If we was gardening, she would sit on your garden fork & refuse to get off, until she nabbed a taste bug. I have some great memories of Harriet, she may be getting a little older now but she’s still  just as cheeky.



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