Well it’s been a little while since I was able to post anything. I’ve been so busy with the Cottages & trying to fit time in to do some weeding. By the end of the day, all I have wanted to do is flop into my favorite chair & watch TV. Fortunately this weekend I had time to go & buy some more plants which I’m really hoping to get in. If the weather was anything like the week  just gone, I’ll have no chance.  I was horrified last week to see my apple tree I had planted months ago, swaying from side to side as the wind took hold. I really thought it was going to snap in half. I ran outside and did manage to save it, but I decided to move it to a better spot in the garden with a bit more protection.  I will just have to keep an eye on it in the next coming weeks, hoping it won’t die on me.  It hasn’t been the only time I have had to move plants around. I find all the planning, soil testing etc, seems to go by the wayside up here. I have learn’t that if the plant looks like it’s not doing well, move it, (natives are different, they do not like being moved & will die.) There is no harm in trying though. One plant I have had for 6 months now, I have dug up 3 times. I ended up putting it back in the pot as it looked terrible & I’m placing it in different spots to see if it will survive before I plant it. My garden between Calm & Dream, I have planted a few Heliconias which look terrible, so they will be my next plant to move. I’m just hoping I can save them before it’s to late.


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