When I started planning & planting the garden, I did set myself 2 or 3 months to get each section completed but after several months. I realized it would take me more than a few months to get things finished. At first it did make me feel very frustrated, I really felt like just giving up. The trouble I was having was setting myself unrealistic goals & feeling a failure as this was not the only project I set myself to finish.

Then around a month ago, I looked after my neighbours garden, along with the chickens & cows, while she was away visiting relatives. It was only going to be for a few weeks. So Terry & I each morning would take a cup of tea with us to drink while the chickens roamed around, pecking & making their cute chicken noises, then when we finished our tea, we would tend to the veggie patch & check to see if the cows were ok.  In the afternoon I would let the chickens back in coop, then pick a few veggie’s for our evening meal.

By us picking only the veg we needed for the evening meal it gave the veg a couple of more days to ripen & by sitting with the chickens whilst they were feeding. They started coming up to us & didn’t mind us cuddling them. It really made me realize with all the work I had been doing, I forgot the most simplest pleasure of just enjoying the moment.  It gave Terry & I a break from our garden & enjoy sitting in such beautiful surrounds.

So although we have got a lot of work ahead of us, I am going to take time each day to just enjoy where I live.IMG_0994

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